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I learned the hard way that people-pleasing suffocates the soul slowly. Living for & seeking God (Yahweh) for what HE wants you to do is the only way to sustain spiritual sanity in this misfit world...
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You are free! You NO LONGER have to be bound by old decisions, old mindsets, old lifestyles, old desires, generational curses, low-self esteem, fear, doubt, pride, confusion, regret, guilt, mistrust, pain, hatred, loneliness, bitterness, anger, rejection, shame, unforgiveness, grudges, debt, apathy, drugs, alcohol, sex, depression, manipulation, peer/associate pressure, or anything that makes you think that: you have to settle for unhappiness or that Life isn't worth living!

God, The Great I AM, WANTS YOU TO BE HAPPY & FILLED WITH JOY! Click along this site to find out's all created for you!'s never too late...
3-Part Recipe for Change

Who likes change? Rarely will people admit to liking this inevitable portion of Life. However, where there is no change, there is stagnancy. Where there is stagnancy, Life begins to become polluted, unfocused & unviable. Do you want control of your Life? The positive answer begins with change. Combine & apply to your Life, the 3 keys listed immediately below...

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It's not healthy to remain in a(n) mental, emotional or spiritual rut.


Do not be afraid to talk confidentially to a mature advisor when in a rut.


Your life means something to someone even if you don't know it.


Temporary assistance is better than accepting despair.


Suicide is NEVER the right answer, no matter how bad it is.


Do not be emotionally evasive; take off the mask. Help=Hope.





Create 3 Ways to Work Your Faith!!!
So that your spirit, soul, body & Life can flourish!

 Identify what you've allowed to depreciate your: mind, will, imagination, intellect, emotions & spirit!

Sometimes hard to admit, but we made the decisions to be where we are. Yes, at some point we settled for less. Who & what have we given permission to treat us as if we are of little value? Kings & Queens only participate in things & accept treatment that are of the highest quality. What have you settled for that was beneath what God's Word declared was available to you? Get real with God & yourself. Be willing to receive the truth about what you've allowed & be adamant about ceasing negative toleration from THIS NEW day forward!

 Pray to God, The Great I AM, to reveal the deep seeded reason(s) for your faulty decisions. Record what the Holy Spirit reveals to you.

Until, the root of your decisions is realized, your Life will continue to repeat the same cyclic movements & moments. Can you see the same patterns in the Lives' of other family members? Jesus sacrificed & gave His Blood for us, so that we can CHOOSE to walk in His freedom & His Power! When God tells you the truth about you, write it down & ask for courage & wisdom to change your spiritual & natural nature! God is ALL POWERFUL! With Him on your side, YOU can do ANYthing! Internal NEWness is POSSIBLE!

 Cut off affiliations with any process, person or place that does not promote loving you appropriately & honing you for greatness.

 A determined mind & heart.

Realize that the OLD ways of thinking & doing things were conditioning you for 'merry-go-round' living. Be willing to abandon pessimistic thoughts & apathetic conduct. Embrace the undiscovered , NEW you!

 Belief on & implementation of God's Word.

It's time for NEW faith. God's thoughts & beliefs are higher than man-kind. We must transform low-level thinking to God-like, elite-eagle thinking. It is only then that we can have a different perspective & see above, even the darkest situations. With God, all things are possible & you can eventually rise above it all.

 Take one day at a time.

Every NEW day is a God-given opportunity to try to get 'it' right again. Strive to relate God's Word to your every circumstance. Revere God & repent. Forgive yourself & others. And above all, BE...Love.

Read God's Word so that you can renew your mind & spirit, from the OLD ways that kept you bound & down. Develop NEW goals, short & long-term. Sever relationships with selfish, inconsiderate people. YET...practice forgiveness! Research what is needed to achieve your goals. Plan meticulously, yet keep it fun! Diligently turn your plans into implemented actions. Stay in prayer to Jesus in your heart; for Him to lead you in the right direction. Listen for what the Holy Spirit would say in response to your prayers! Choose NEW social arenas targeted towards your vision(s).  NETWORK!!! Even if its small, do something daily to work towards the vision(s) that God gave you, for His Glory!