Andy Cooper is an author of non-fiction content & poetry. She is a robust, independent-thinker who has overcome great adversities.

Andy Cooper has personal experience in relation to: family apprehensions, mental health issues, personality concerns, anxiety, drug & alcohol use/abuse, low-self-esteem, fear, doubt, hopelessness, insomnia, weight-loss & weight-gain, apathy, teen pregnancy, adoption, depression, physical / verbal / mental / emotional / financial / spiritual- abuse, ‘hater’-attacks (direct & indirect), suppression, oppression, regression, worry & personal crisis (to name a few)…all the while, operating in demanding positions with incessant, high-stress levels, professionally & personally.

YET, Divinely…Andy has overcome time & time again, with Wisdom & Emotional Intelligence as her collective rewards. Andy Cooper desires to share her Life’s lessons with individuals who want to become wiser & stronger in their own lives, no matter the trials one may face.

Andy Cooper loves Travel, Peace & Wisdom.