• …by Andy Cooper

The Scope of 'Self' (The Destructive Bias of Emotions)

We’ve all ran across them. We…may even BE ‘them’. Who is ‘them’? …Emotional-People; those who LACK…emotional-intelligence. Emotionally-Intelligent means you have the internal gift of wisdom to readily & personally understand: emotions are ‘gauges’ for consideration; NOT modes of operation. Those who exercise emotionalism do not possess self-discipline to concentrate on that which is pertinent & cannot discern what is relevant. Being slaves to emotions, they are continually clouded by ‘feelings’ & remain unable to achieve rational thought due to foggy, usurped subjection. The emotional-vessel’s motivation is to get counterparts to submit to their flip-floppy-whim. Effectiveness, growth, & advancement will not have longevity in personal, plutonic or professional encounters with those who are emotionally-driven. Pray for direction from God before making any sort of agreement or bond with such types. Go deeper & ask God to show you if you are the one who can increase in emotional-self-control. (Ephesians 5: 15-17; Hosea 4:6; Jeremiah 17:9) (Artwork By: Sanguis1 @

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