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SELF-DETECT: (…Having the Ability to Correctly ‘See')

by: Andy Cooper We identify when we need to ‘freshen up’ our underarms & 'undercarriage'. We understand extra ‘snugness’ in our clothes means we need to ‘rein-in’ on our eating. We tell ourselves, “…pull it in.”, when we’re near that uncomfortable amount in our expenditure accounts. But what is our Detection-System for our spiritual-lives? What ‘triggers’ pose as internal alarms that alert us to ‘get on track’? Does a negative attitude make you self-reflect? Does doubt in God’s Word or mental-confusion make you self-assess? Or is your spirit something that you overlook, as long as your physical & financial needs are met?

You ARE you…because of your spirit. Taking care of our bodies is VERY important. Our spirit holds equal significance. If you are what you eat, what is your spirit made of? And…do you notice when you...need a ‘spiritual-wash-up’? (Philippians 4: 5-9) 

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