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What are you Over-Looking?

Regardless of sales, traffic & ringing bells, this is the Season of Rejoice, to honor Jesus’ Holy Birth: God’s Eternal Hope & Salvation for mankind. 

And Yes! While we would have no Hope without Him: (Romans 10: 9-13); let us ALSO realize that there are so many other things that we have to be grateful for, making the Season of Celebration year-round!

What second-nature, things are you accidently taking for granted? That runny nose IS irritating; but imagine if you were unable to blow &/or wipe your own nose? No; you don’t feel like getting out of bed & going to that job or meeting where you have to pray for mental, physical & emotional strength to attend; but imagine if you were unable to walk, or move your arms voluntarily to even go! God has given us MUCH to celebrate! Aim to locate & identify God’s gifts that have no ‘wrapping’… 

What's YOUR Detection-Level?

Tool to Avoid Unseen TRAPs

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