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Folie à deux (French): Do YOU have it??

It’s 2018! –a brand new, presented opportunity for you to have inspired thoughts, new plans, positive actions & achievable goals. Generally, we can look at ourselves & pinpoint how we’ve allowed personal stagnation prior. But can you locate Folie à deux in your Life? Folie à deux can be defined as: a delusion or a mental illness shared by two people in close association. Imagine that: …shared insanity!!! Who are you in association with so closely…that you’ve adopted their impaired, mental capacity? What delusional, unproductive thoughts has now become your own, because of your chosen affinity for this person? (Jeremiah 17: 9, 10) Who doesn’t want change that is for the better? The question is: do you desire positive enhancement in your Life SO MUCH…that you are willing to detach from that which is negatively infiltrating your very nature? Your Life & personal, production levels depends on your answer. 

Happy New Year!!!

Want to Detach from Delusional Activity?

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