• Author: Andy Cooper

Blog: It's MORE so...about Safety!

In this day & time, the 'popular-poll' focus is on wants; not desiring to hear people’s opinions. It’s an unsafe place & practice: when you don’t want protected advice & you chose to live a limited-life based on the confines of your OWN mind.

Considering how evil & cruel the world is, we DO need TRUSTED (!) people in our lives that we can share our thoughts, plans & experiences with; to ensure that we are not on a self-pivoted course to inadvertent destruction.

To prevent this self-destruction: get an accountability-partner. As we operate & exchange in our daily lives, it’s ok to let someone know “Hey, I’m going over here.”; “Hey, I am thinking about doing this.”

Accountability is a safety-measure to make sure that what we’re planning is best for us. If your accountability-partner is not selfish, (but, is insightful)…this affiliation will be a cherished, Life-investment to possess.

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