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When the wax gets cold...

An epidemic of desensitization & sensitivity, simultaneously, is running rampant. The Cause? –being apathetic & stubborn at whatever cost. Many relationships and commitments are crumbling because of the inability to see oneself in another human. Preconceived notions are the new ‘contact lenses’ some place over their own eyes. Assumptions become the ‘air’ that makes these self-placed ‘contact lenses’ dry…blurring the (in)-sight...required in effective communication & understanding. Effective THOUGHTS lead…to Effective COMMUNICATION. When people speak to us, we must learn to truly listen to the words that they express & not try to intercept the intentions they provide. Let’s bring back clarity!

“When you said this, it made me think that you were meaning this…Is this thinking correct?” When people are communicating to us, let’s listen to them, as if WE…are the ones that are speaking. Walking away with your thoughts ALONE is counter-productive. (Matthew 24: 10-12) Effective communication = 0% Confusion Remaining

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Gain the Advantage! Be ahead of the unaware!

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