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Opportunity comes with its OWN closing date...

Just now, the childhood story of ‘The Ant & the Grasshopper’ comes to mind. It was the ant that worked diligently during the harvest-time, preparing for the cold & unfruitful winter. The grasshopper watched the ant, talked about him & mocked him & his ant-efforts of organizing for a comfortable, hopeful future. But at the end of that wise-tale, the ant was below ground in his safety-zone, with plenty of provisions that would take him through the drought of the icy season. The grasshopper is said to have starved. Lack of preparation causes us to not experience a craved, open door. If you have a strong desire for something to take place, align your thoughts & actions with that believed thought. If you refuse…then decide later to act; you may wake…only to discover that the door not only is closed, but it no longer exists. (Proverbs 6: 6-8)

Vlog: Preparation Brings Peace.

A key to identify & STOP negative cycles!

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