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Cliques: The Church Minimizer defines a clique as: a small group of people, with shared interests or other features in common, who spend time together and do not readily allow others to join them. Globally, organizational leaders invest themselves –in hopes that people can be healed, edified & transformed by the Power of God’s Word. Subsequently, these same leaders sit & scratch their heads, wondering why spiritual-cohesion isn’t voluntarily taking place amongst 'believers'. Cliques are the culprit; covertly contradicting God’s desired command of unity among His people. Cliques hide in plain sight, behind smiles, laughter & ‘right answers’. In cliques, there ‘needs’ to be a mutual ‘permission’ to ‘like’ or ‘accept’ someone as ‘worthy’ of conversation, interest &/or involvement. A clique-defector is subject to ostracism when ‘disobeying’ clique ‘rules’. Only the courageous & confident person will disapprove of cliques, not allowing themselves to be sucked in. This courageousness is rare. When it comes to the Holy Word, cliques are anti-God. If you judge others more than you judge yourself, you work against God’s spiritual-fishing-hook, called: LOVE. How…can God’s people reject...& grow...this way? (1 John 4:20) 

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