My Story...........Andy Cooper

"I've spent most of my life hiding internally, trying to be what everyone else wanted, outwardly.


Daily, I was secretly screaming and crying inside, not knowing how to be happy or how to feel free. So many people had their ideal projection on how they thought I 'should be', which only satisfied them. I finally asked God, "Do I HAVE to be fake so that OTHER people can be happy?! God YOUUU made me this way..."

And after giving up my own destructive way(s), I allowed God to show me that it IS okay for me to be different (I am INTJ/INTP, according to the Myers/Briggs Personality test, representing 1-4% of the population). But in my difference, God revealed that I still need to accept GOD's Love(!), I need to Love myself (!), and I need to continually pray for the grace to manifest Love for other people (in spite of their actions!).

But THIS is the 'kickah'! : God made me see that I need to live my Life FOR HIM  (according to His precepts in The Word of God) and NOT live my life according to what people expect and want me to do!

LOOOSING yourself from the bondages that fear, doubt, insecurity, bitterness, past and present pain, confusion and rejection all bring, is the ONLY way to begin YOUR freedom journey!

It IS possible! Do not become the larvae who spins a cocoon made of steel. God is here with the jack-hammer! Free your spirit and your soul, laying down the old weights. the old habits and the old mindset. Pick up NEW fatih today! Say in your heart...


"LOOOSE! ME!©" "

...Original drawing by: Alicia Noelle Garrett